1. One must have impeccable INTEGRITY with a wholesome FEAR and REVERENCE for Jesus Christ, as our Lord and Savior.  This is the first and foremost criteria.

  2. One must have been a partaker in full covenant with Jesus Christ, born of the Water and of the Spirit (Jn 3:5; Acts 2:38) and a demonstrable track record of abiding in, and preaching the Apostle’s doctrines.

  3. One must be kingdom minded and understand that the Apostolic Church established by the Jewish apostles transcends beyond the boundaries of one’s present organization, and that is currently (and since the First Century) inclusive of all races, kindred, and tongues (Jews, Gentiles, and Samaritans).

  4. One must understand that a “church leader” is an ambassador of Jesus Christ; therefore, they must work at all times toward the endeavor of building the Lord’s kingdom, and not their own.

  5. One must be seasoned in ministry, be a servant leader, and have been called and anointed by God to serve according to biblical standards.  Their appointment by men must not be by political constructs, but rather a divine calling with confirmation granted by their organizational body.

  6. One must have character reference from both within the church, and without, establishing exhibit for the character required of the offices of Bishop and Deacon (as expressed in:  I Tim 3:1-12; Tit 1:4-9).

  7. One must hold comprehensive knowledge of their church network, ministries, and other affiliated organizations necessary to vertically integrate and strategically align with established financial/project management vehicles for the rapid facilitation and dissemination of project subsidy for the advancement of the Gospel of the Kingdom (Apostolic Doctrines: Mt 24:14; Acts 2:38; Jn 3:5; Mk 16:15-18; Heb 6:1-3)

  8. One must understand fiscal management and adept appropriation of funds, with accountability via internal control frameworks under model audit rules and oversight.

  9. One must be willing to maintain integrity through confidentiality by signing a non-disclosure business agreement (as well as with applicable trusted or authorized members of their organization) which is necessary in order to reduce risks, corruption, and personal security for effective deployment of internal financial mechanisms.

  10. One must have a proven track record for not being corrupted by finances, power (authority), and/or narcissistic lusts, or engaged in determined criminal activity.

  11. One must show a proven track record of accountability to authority; while at the same time not compromising in truth and holiness, or succumbing to the fear of men.

  12. One must have the capability of being a team player, teachable, and possess the cognitive ability to comprehend formatted business plans (and other various components).

  13. One must hold a proven track record of modest living, meekness (authority under control), and humility
    (a servant leader)

  14. One must have a basic understanding of global geopolitical, religious, and economic issues with a general awareness of eschatological events, and the mechanisms in place seeking to establish a New World Order as defined by antichrist belief systems.

  15. One’s organizational network must be dependable and capable of integrous capital oversight for scheduled subsidy dispensation toward non-discriminatory community social humanitarian economic stabilization, while properly edifying the Kingdom of God both domestically and internationally via appointed ministerial assistance.

  16. One must be able to identify chosen men of integrity in their organization both domestically and internationally to be used for the same purpose.

  17. All who are approved to serve on the Board, must go through an international security background check by the Ecclesia as part of their process (Nominee Information Sheet and Passport scanned in high definition to be submitted in A4 size, will be required).

Work & Stewardship Our Praise & Worship!