To Preserve Our Ecclesiastical Asset Base


Aside from several points of the legalistic and/or religious debate, there are Four Non-Negotiable Keys that must be acknowledged and maintained to preserve such auspicious asset protection status, lest we fall from divine grace and find ourselves once again enslaved in the bondage of traditional reporting/taxation requirements of society, known as Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT):

  1. All natural-born human living beings are present because they willingly choose to be.  They are volunteers
    (i.e. no employees or work-for-hire contractors)
    We do not provide jobs … we create opportunities; and                                           

  2. The organism comprised of symbiotic functions, gifts and talents (of the spirit) including service providers, are organized for the sole-purpose of the family members to support the patriarchal vision, mission and heritage of the trans-generational legacy (commerce is not the primary purpose); and

  3. That all resources (currency, material goods and possessions) used in supporting the mission have been charitably contributed to the Ecclesia (all legal tender must first be redeemed for lawful money); and

  4. That the use of the foregoing resources must not be encumbered (i.e. NO private credit or pledges accepted without first being monetized and redeemed) in the process of any social enterprise strategies (i.e. rents from real property, royalties, capital gains, and interest and dividends are not subject to UBIT unless financed with borrowed money).


IMPORTANT NOTE:  UBIT may not be subject to tax if any one of the foregoing conditions is met.  The written supervisory procedures of the G47 Administrative Protocol substantially assure us that all four conditions are satisfied.

Work & Stewardship Our Praise & Worship!