[koh] (prefix):

1) Together; joint; jointly; mutually: coeducation.

a. Partner or associate in an activity: coauthor; cofounder.

b. Subordinate or assistant: copilot.


2) To the same extent or degree: coextensive.

vest [vest] (noun):

1) To give (someone) the legal right or power to do something or to own land or property


2) To endow (a person, group, committee, etc.) with something, as powers, functions, or rights: to vest the board with power to increase production; to vest an employee with full benefits in the pension plan

cō-vest [koh-vest] (verb):

To jointly, in creative partnership, endow (a person, group, committee, etc.) pecuniary stewardship, functions, or rights:  to vest the board with power to increase production and/or intrinsic value of principal asset as entrusted unto its fiduciary care and responsibility for accountability and management.



The prophetic and typological Clarion Call of Joseph is upon this generation…
“The Joseph Generation”

“We must work the works of Him that sent us, while it is day:

the night cometh, when no man can work.”

~ John 9:4

Everyone can truly participate in this effort by laboring in this vineyard of Love, unto the Glory of God.                           

By partaking in this Christ-centered project, each individual helps to empower a unified global network of systemic project funding. This funding can include your own sustainable community economic development projects, while paving a firm foundation for future interactions and transactions of Kingdom resources. Because of God’s blessings of provisions for the G47 Initiative’s systemic favor, our mechanisms of financial stewardship will still function powerfully when other nations’ economic monetary systems fail. By God’s mercy and graceful provisions, we shall never have to spend the principal contributions, but rather, we will multiply the “5 Talents” into an abundance of provisions (without principal depletion) as entrusted under G47 stewardship for Christ’s Kingdom Glory.

Assisting with Administrative and Operational Costs to get this message out to the global Christian masses. (LINK)  Covest with G47 as often as your heart desires.

Assisting with Project Specific Funding via deployable capital enhancement strategies.

There is a Clarion Call for INTERCESSORS and PRAYER WARRIORS on a global scale to stand in the gap for the 
G47 Global Initiative.  Around the clock and global prayer chains are needed to contend with the spiritual forces of the “Prince of the Power of the Air” and to reduce the impact and attacks of “the wicked one” by hostile natural forces.

There are millions of faithful saints worldwide whose talents have been underutilized for His Kingdom purposes.We need those with professional job-set skills and spiritual talents to contribute to this life-changing and lifesaving endeavor, as we expand kingdom business enterprises on a global scale to build natural and spiritual Goshen.

The Cheerful Giver … Saints have “all things in common”, through Christ:
(2 Corinthians 9:6-7; Acts2:44-45; Acts 4:32-35)


How you can contribute to fulfill and sustain the Vision? 

Please COVEST into the G47 Initiative, a global end time Kingdom endeavor, and get involved! 

No "Pew Potatoes" here!

We can build a Financial Ark of Safety by:

Globally disseminating the end time’s economic and prophetic empowerment message to Christ’s Kingdom Church in order to save lives and empower families to do God’s will.

Create economic empowerment centers for Kingdom businesses.

Covering administrative costs for travel, for those blowing the Clarion Call for to all who would have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.

Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to save souls and bless humanity.